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August 24, 2011

As for we the sheeple, well, we just FB and tweet about it, and feel gratified! We have done our one good deed for the day, until the next rounds of debates present themselves.

Remember how for months the Western media had exploited the BP oil spill? It was a terrible period for Obama; the media had gauged his every single reaction, from his anger level, the chinos he wore to the site, some had even called the compensation he wrung from BP too small. In fact, there had been some friction between the Americans and their Brit cousins as BP is a Brit company. As if all that heat were not enough, one of his daughters had asked him: “Dad, did you plug the hole yet?”

June 5, 2011

President Barack Obama has set White House meetings next week with two African leaders of Nigeria and Gabon

Goodluck Jonathan will pay Barack Obama a visit at the White House on Wednesday, June 8.

Obama "looks forward to consulting with President Jonathan on the latest regional and global developments, and deepening our strong bilateral partnership," his spokesman said in a statement.

The last time Jonathan met with Obama was at the Blair House, which serves as President Obama’s Guest House a few meters across from the White House, in April. The meeting with Obama, which was scheduled as a courtesy call, lasted 15 minutes.