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It is safe to estimate (conservatively) that for every reported case of kidnap and murder, or rape and murder, or ritual killing, there are nearly half a dozen undetected and unreported ones

Aftermath of the Mubi Massacre

This guide will help you to get a house-help, and keep her

The national team coach is getting the jitters as the Liberia clash looms

The Mubi massacre once again highlights Nigeria's leadership failures

It is not really hard to see how government got this bloated. The mandates of many MDAs are overlapping 

What we see Nigeria becoming has a way of shaping our own future

The Nigeria Police should also be bothered by the increase in the number of such pending cases

As we turn 52 today, I feel sad that there is not much really to rejoice with my fellow citizens over

In most cultures here, a woman who losses a husband is an object to be punished

It's simply preposterous how some people think Nigerians think - except I'm wrong about Nigerians

Cooking for him entitles you to show your love in another very important way: checking his phone

You don't just give up on anyone because of their shortcomings, you embrace them make your point made

Although the digital revolution has contributed positively to Nigeria, it is also exposing a previously unnoticed aspect of the Nigerian society where the abuse of digital technology appears to have taken another dimension

The rowdy style of campaigning that provides sufficient room for ambiguity; vague and outright unrealistic promises have become outdated

If the President does not even acknowledge what happened at the start of this year, then the possibility of learning lessons from it are slim to none

The Nigerian has had to be strong to withstand the torrent of abuse on Twitter

Africa has ceased to be that Dark Continent stereotyped by naked native men as seen in The Gods Must be crazy

The fact that so many of such child traffickers get arrested frequently has not deterred others from trying