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Long before Nigerians were differently adjudged as the most religious and happiest people on planet earth, they knew it was one ‘’slot’’ none would contest with them. The arrival at this reality and its subsequent announcement to the world by different organisations must have come to us as a ‘’pleasing’’ surprise.

Sometimes in sex, quantity can be as important as quality. It hardly matters that you and your partner have a good time together if you get turned down more often than the sheets do. Therefore, speaking as a woman, here are some secrets about what really turns women on.

To  Heat It Up Again.

It’s been awhile since you two have had your sexy moments. Don’t be desperate. Here are some tips to bring back the romance without feeling foolish. The Valentine feeling is still on.

Sometime ago, I wrote of a woman that openly expressed unhappiness over her husband’s ova kwayetor reticentattitude. Specifically, she complained that he is an extremely shy person who could be classified in Naija parlance as huas to wok-wok to haus pesin.

There are lots of love making tips out there which can help you to achieve a better and greater sex with your partner. There are different elements involved which can lead you to great sex.

Going down on a woman can be one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman. It makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and has the potential to give her an exceptional Orgasm

Everyone has sex, Sometimes we take from our neighbours supply, but when you sell it, that is the height of desperation

Referees have to make decisions at 50 miles an hour while the spectators have the benefit of various slow motion replays from every possible angle

Throughout, Achebe's love for his people, their traditions and achievements is endearing, but it comes close to overshadowing the greater lessons of the book at times

When we slow down, we are able to fully savour the pleasure of our senses

Religious teachers harp on love and kindness on a very regular basis but one wonders why their teachings have not found fertile ground

Running an NGO can be tricky. You rely on the hustle of foreign and local donors. You can suddenly run dry

The news is still grim on the professional level as the report states that 'regardless of their educational qualification, women consistently earn less than their male counterparts

For weeks, rumour and conjecture became the order of the day regarding the health of the First Lady

Domestic violence is an issue that attracts silence; a silence engendered by shame

'Discerning Nigerians will readily admit that Nigeria’s electoral process has been truly transformed under President Jonathan’s watch' - Abati

We may sit back in front of laptops in very safe locations and argue that not enough is being done as we are wont to do often time

Nigerians together with their other brothers in the third world must be saved from themselves