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Nigeria is the natural leader of Africa. For decades, our dear country has been Africa’s foremost producer and 8th world largest exporter of crude oil to the international market. Nigeria is strategically located to take advantage of modern forms of transportation to enable her participation in cross-border trade, and build a virile domestic economy.

These past months, we have all lived in fear. Although respite is within sight, with the declaration of state of emergency in three volatile states of the north, we cannot all forget in a hurry the deluge of violence that has claimed many lives and led to wanton destruction of property in our nation.

“The President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has just brought another dummy called state of emergency from his security chiefs.”   – Aliyu U. Tilde, Premium Times of Tuesday, May 14, 2013. 

When an article starts in the tone of the above, we most certainly expect another “masterpiece” from yet another “ingenious” social commentator and columnist.

Si hau tins de waka
Ol di "tree" de shek
Ol di pipul de "clap"
De se dia "tree"
Get wota.

Recently the Senator representing Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Aloysius Etok made the news for the wrong reasons. On a good day, the Senator is very reticent, hardly vocal on national issues or issues affecting his senatorial district.

Mental health remains a largely invisible issue in policymaking and implementation arenas.  A policy was developed in 1991; its implementation has been cursory at best.  At the national level, there is no currently clear articulation of a direction or strategy on mental health, much less on dementia.  Lagos State has also articulated a policy, though it reads more like a statement of intentions, containing very few specifics.

It was commonplace for political and social commentators ‘’running commentaries’’ on Nigeria to harp on the depth of the nation’s potentialities believing that it will provide a ready tonic for the gingering of its politics towards the path of reaping identified potentials for the good of Nigerians. 

Everywhere you turn to, there’s a reference to the new phrase in town. “Oga at the top.” I’m pretty sure Mr Obafaiye Shem had no inkling of what his Interview on Channels TV would cause. The Lagos state commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) was guest on “Sunrise” and was asked some questions relating to the website of the organisation.

The writer draws his inspiration from all sorts of things and circumstances. The mere encounter with a scene, the innocuous remark/side-comment made by someone else etc, could trigger a writer into an outpouring of lines that ultimately baffles any including the writer.  With mind made on a subject matter, a writer may change to writing on a completely different issue from what was originally intented.

Akwa Ibom State was in focus in far away Accra, Ghana penultimate week when people from the private sector and the government gathered for the launch of Hope City. Hope is an acronym of Home Office People Environment. It is a cluster for Rlg ICT Park, focused on Information Communication Technology.

…Your heat is killing us please!
Today, we are going to discuss a disaster that is quietly looming over our heads yet no one is saying anything about it. Well, there are the side comments and murmurs; however, you don’t boil water by looking at it. This can be proven wrong though.

Traditional sex positions tend to get a bad tap these days, and understandably so; they have a tendency to get old rather quickly. You may be surprised, however, to learn that these classic sex positions can be turned into something hot and altogether fantastic with just a few minor adjustments.

Come Thursday 14th March, 2013, Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi would lead a theme
of Nigerian Scholars... and numerous state governors, traditional rulers to Minna to brainstorm on issues of indiscipline, corruption and disregard for rules and regulations in Nigeria.

The horrendous rape of the young student in India last December started a new spate of re-engagement around the world with violence against women, in particular sexual violence. The International Women’s Day presents another opportunity to bring this issue again to the fore.

Skin-to-skin contact awakens the most sexual of all the senses. One can close one’s eyes, say nothing and let the fingers do the walking and hands do the talking.
As they roam over a lover’s body they send exquisite messages of love.
The tender emotion in a touch can dissolve all manner of barriers.

It’s about that time of year again when fresh graduates nationwide begin another phase in their journey to self discovery and relevance; the phenomenon known generally as NYSC.

Despite glaring political and economic challenges in Africa, people like Awo Yaa Asantewaa Akonmah, an African American in the US Virgin Islands, Caribbean, is working in concert with many others, to ensure that African-Americans worldwide, embrace her Back-to-Africa campaigns.

Going down on your partner generally is not a favorite part of sex, but it is often what your partner wants most. He or she probably has plenty of excuses to avoid giving you head, most of them valid. So how can you make it easier and more pleasurable for your loved one to give you a little oral action?