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The fact that so many of such child traffickers get arrested frequently has not deterred others from trying

I run into a curb at one of the points where the road bends suddenly. Instinctively I step on the brakes. It is too late

After the dismal showing in London, not one official has been sacked or offered to resign

The former governor of Lagos asked that the Senate be scrapped. Does he mean it? Or is he playing politics with us as usual?

I am no economist, but our economy defies all known economic theories

Sadly, the largest number of the Nigerian population exists at the level of basic physiological needs

From the way the wind is blowing, America does not want democracy in the Middle East

Don’t get bored, you’re probably wondering whether the convention is going to solve the PHCN problem or whether it’s going to cause the price of Agege bread to return to normal

A powerful person is he who controls himself when angry’ – so, why would I wrestle and kill because some lunatic who wants me to do just that has made a sick movie

Fanaticism also comes with insecurity; this overwhelming desire to defend our professed faith from any insult

A reader Laz Ude Eze felt very strongly about Sylva's column last week and wrote a response to it

This was Benin City, a town that has become saturated with criminality rubber-stamped by self-centred 'big-shots' who need violent zombies to promote their ventures

When a customer complains about how expensive the spare parts are, tell them, if they like they can go buy it themselves

We are still a long way from seeing the disabled with eyes that see their inherent value as human

States are not departments in the office of the Presidency

How would you attempt to curtail a bottom-level appeal of its misguided heavenly promise?

The last state governorship elections in Edo also further silenced critics of Jega

You have to learn to trust, trust is perhaps the single biggest factor in making relationships work or fail

Tragedies are only useful if they bring real change in a sector and we should not waste this one on a witch hunt of one carrier