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It is ironic that this down time has affected the parts of the world where RIM's device has gained a lot of market share.

LASTMA must reform and while they are at it, they might wish to seriously consider some lesson in courtesy.

Peering out and actively straining to see, I finally saw a man practically kneeling on another and raining blows on the body beneath!

For ages now, our people have been programmed by the largely misinterpreted teachings of Christ and his Semitic brother prophet.

Going by what I see happening with the so called leaders of tomorrow, Nigeria is in big trouble.

The thought of death is something we cannot tolerate. But so also is the thought of resurrection.

A visit to one of Kaduna's internally displaced persons' camp.

It is possible that while in his Geneva hotel room, he missed out on the radical change that has beset four African states over the last one year leading to the collapse of long suffering governments.

If you are bent on denying her, then share in her pain and remain celibate till she is ready to give you some action.


If it is still so difficult to start a business in this country, it means that there is a long way to go.

A potbelly that develops from drinking too much beer will be a “hard” potbelly.

However, those countries that have supported the actions of these ‘rebel-rousers’ should not in future point fingers at any one else but themselves when the chicken comes home to roost.

I think that the different languages in Nigeria add to our problems. Take them away and the next guy on the street is just a Nigerian, speaking one language, with one voice.

While “failed economic policies” have certainly contributed to Nigeria’s underdevelopment, no one seems to have addressed why we continue to recycle those tried and failed policies.

Yet these are the kind of issues we should worry about as a nation for in many ways, it explains our current state and points to where we are unfortunately headed.

He should be man enough to declare to the world that he is married and cheating and that he doesn’t have what it takes to be faithful to his vows.

President Goodluck Jonathan should not have stayed away from the Independence Day celebrations. By doing so, Mr. Jonathan was sending a strong message to Nigerians that his administration does not have the capacity to deal with terror.


Every great country has citizen minded and resident minded people and the citizens are overwhelmingly in the majority. 

Things like ‘no sex before marriage’ and the concept of ‘one man one wife’, if practiced in reality, will turn the world upside down and the reason they are not being followed is because they are not sustainable.

For us to start enjoying a ROI on education, governors and their education commissioners need to get picketed into doing the right thing.

Judas was entrusted with the purse of the ministry. He was part of the disciples that were sent into the cities in Matthew 10:1

I suggest that we begin the celebration by begging God. 

Reality not wishes, some say be patriotic others say be hopeful, whilst some others will rather you be prayerful. Hope, patriotism and prayers do not change reality.

No one can truly be completely so bad that they don’t possess a single good character.