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We all have our biochemical individuality, that is, our peculiar reasons for eating or not eating breakfast as well as the choice of breakfast foods.

In a recent survey, it was found that most fat / plus-size persons in trying to fight against weight loss, do anything from skipping meals; especially Breakfast to jaw locking (feeding on liquid through a straw).

As Nigeria attains the age of 53 as an independent nation, I take a quick look back at our quite eventful history and then stop to ask myself why I was born here. I mean, what is it that I am supposed to give to my country and what is my country supposed to give to me? I’m confused believe me.

The saying that a house divided against itself cannot stand may at this point in time not be applicable to the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) (the self acclaimed biggest party in Africa) despite its recent internal crisis and wrangling.

Last week's killing of alleged seven members of the deadly Boko Haram sect in Abuja by the officers of the State Security Service (SSS) should ordinarily elicit joy among Nigerians and give them the feeling that the Federal Government is winning the war on terror. Instead, the killing has attracted lots of fury, condemnation and controversy. A large section of the public believes those shot were actually 'innocent’. Augustine Aminu and Michael Paul bring you both sides of the story.

With regards to the Apo killings, something still does not fit. The official version from the State Security Service refers to an operation taken and based on confessions of two Boko Haram suspects. It also talks about a cache of arms and ammunition buried around the property in question. And finally, it says gunfire exchange. The operative word here being exchange, implying enemy fire versus State fire.

Last week was full of fights! Whether occurring in the frontlines of northern Nigeria, where Nigeria’s security forces are in locked in deadly combats with Boko Haram insurgents or in the comfy setting of the National Assembly…it was indeed a week full of fights.

Your Excellency the President, Your Excellency the Vice President, Your Excellency the Senate President, Your Excellency the Chief of Staff, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Petroleum, the minister of Aviation, after reading this long list of protocol, it is not unusual to hear Ministers still say  ". Let me stand on existing protocols".

Billionaire business man, Aliko Dangote is proposing to build a $9 billion refinery at the Olokola Free Trade Zone, OK FTZ. If the project succeeds, that would be the first ever privately-owned refinery in Nigeria, with the potential to create jobs, eliminate subsidies and even spur other businesses in and around where the refinery is sited.

During his time as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, held sway like a god. His word was law; his mien was magisterial.

This past Saturday, the world watched in horror as armed terrorists launched an unprecedented attack on innocent people at a crowded, upscale mall in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

If there is anybody the Catholics in Imo State should listen to, emulate and respect at all times, it is the Pope, the head of the church. This is important as it will help settle the dust raised by the Imo State Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law which has been dubbed an ``abortion law’’. In an interview granted to a Roman Catholic publication, Pope Francis expressed strong views against what seems to be an unnecessary attention the church has paid on abortion, gay marriage and contraception.


The President of the 68th Session of the General Assembly;

Heads of State and Government;

The Secretary-General;

Distinguished Delegates;

Ladies and Gentlemen

The adage which says that if you want to hide anything from Nigerians, put it in a book because they will not see it has played out well in Imo State since the controversy on the Imo state VAPP law started about a month ago. Meanwhile, recent statistics reveal that Imo State has the highest number of professors in Nigeria, meaning it is a highly literate society. Related to this adage is a statement in the bible which says ``my people perish for lack of knowledge”.

There is an avalanche of information on health and nutrition out there that makes it so difficult to know where to begin and what sources to trust. This article and others that will follow will answer some frequently asked and important questions on healthy foods and hopefully will help you make the right food choices.

After all the huff and puff, negative publicity and splinter groups of all manners, the dust in settling reveals first casualties, decamping  and denials of involvement in what many regard as an unhealthy conspiracy.

In a cabinet reshuffle that jolted many, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) abruptly relieved nine ministers, including Professor Ruquyatu Rufai, former Minister of Education, of their posts last week.

It is no more a hidden fact that the “North” is strongly opposed to Jonathan’s 2015 presidential ambition. As the battle for 2015 draws near, the actions and inactions of those who claim to represent and speak for the north have become more glaring to political observers.

Sommi is a very daring girl growing up and everyone kind of predicted trouble for her. But Not So! Till date Sommi has always ended up good in all her endeavors.

In the last two years of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, one ministry that has been at the centre of business news as a result of its new mandate is the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.