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The much talked about subsidy is like a man living in Lagos, but flying to Abuja to buy his recharge cards

Chimamanda Adichie has written about the DSK case, but did she get it right?

Can anyone who does not love his fellow man claim to love God, no matter his religion?

It is relatively easy for news outlets to falsify reports in Nigeria, because no one bothers to check

In Nigeria today, political and bureaucratic blame games are simply the order of the day

Scientists have linked hypertension to long term noise exposure, and I begin to wonder if the sudden rise in hypertension amongst Nigerians is not a result of generators

Say what you will about Kim Jung Il, one has to grudgingly admit he brought the world a lot of cheer

He then proceeded to tell me exactly how the presidential elections went down and what exactly I was missing out on

Another major advantage should be the introduction and acceptance of bicycles into our community

I want a new year where the roads are good and Power Holding Company of Nigeria actually does decide to provide us with electricity

So we worry our way through Christmas and right into the New Year

Apology to an angry person can sometimes be likened to pouring chilled water on a skin that has been dealt with by sun

Why is it still impossible to use our degree certificates as collateral for loan in any of these banks?

No one has time to type out a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ anymore. Or ‘Happy Married Life’

It is important to declare that the wind of change will come sweeping. How do you achieve that? I don’t know

It’s always different strokes for different folks. However the things that a strike can ‘destroy’ are more than the good it can do

The sunsets are unbelievable. And pounded yam is now one of my favourite foods. Yes, the violence is present. But so is innovation and so is optimism and so is love

Point is cheating is a habit that once formed may be difficult to break. It does not matter if the cheater is drop-dead gorgeous or ape-like in appearance

Hundreds of firearms-bearing, charm-wearing yobbos make a pride-walk for hours along a major road in the commercial capital of the country and no one is arrested!

Great as God is, mighty as He reigns and, from human point of view, busy as He should be, has God any time to watch sports?

Don’t our taxes cover roads? If not roads, then what exactly are we being taxed for? Beautiful lawns perhaps?

We even import things that we export. There is no way any economy can grow like this

Reports reaching me indicate that you have even brilliantly learnt how to bypass the prepaid meters that were introduced

To obtain the consent and signature of more than half of the registered voters is a task that is nearly impossible