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Nigeria’s Anti Gay Marriage Bill: Count me Out

The bill recently passed by the Nigerian Senate is said to have enjoyed a widespread support across Nigeria. The bill, which sanctions imprisonment for persons who contract, aid or abet gay marriage is said to be in line with our(Nigerian) ‘values and culture’. This bill, which legitimizes hatred, discrimination and persecution of persons on the basis on sexual orientation and gender identity is purported to be in accordance with the moral norms of Christianity and Islam, or at least the norms of Christianity and Islam as professed, practiced and understood by Nigerians or better, most Nigerians.

The senate has been commended by secular and religious leaders in the country for standing their ground against what some have said to be opposed to our( Nigerian)nature. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, the Anglican Communion, and other religious organisations have issued statements endorsing the anti -gay marriage bill.

And in reply to this move, I say ‘Count me out’.

Yes count me out of those Nigerians whom opinions leaders claim to be in support of this homophobic bill, and on whose behalf they supposedly conceived, drafted and sponsored this outrageous piece of legislation.

 For me, this anti-gay marriage bill is a legislative move that will ever dwell infamy. Generations of Nigerians yet unborn will scorn, despise and dishonor those who conceived, sponsored and supported this bill of hatred and intolerance.

Yes, count me out this inane attempt to terrorize and hunt down innocent citizens based on their sexuality. Count me out those who endorse this bill that resonates with moral hypocrisy and double standard.  When did our Nigerian lawmakers become moral police, dictators and directors?

Personally, I can only equate this anti-gay marriage bill to a moral version of the Boko Haram agenda in Nigeria. It is a product of fanatical minds. Yes, count me out this insensitive  initiative to outlaw human rights at a time most people across the world are striving to embrace and enthrone the rights of ‘man’, and make them part of the culture, tradition and national ethos. Count me out of those with a warped sense of our values and culture, those with retrogressive and backward looking idea of what is ‘African’ and what is not? Count me out of those Nigerians who will not make human rights, gender equity and justice part of their values and culture.

Law making should be human rights compliant. Shouldn’t it? Laws should be made to protect human rights, not to deny or to violate them. This anti-gay marriage bill is anti-human rights. And as the American Secretary of State Hilary Clinton recently said in Geneva, Gay rights are human rights. Count me out of those who think otherwise.

So I oppose this legislative move to deny this self evident truth by the Nigerian Senate and their allies.

To be a gay is not a crime. To marry a gay is not a crime. To engage in same sexual relationship is not a crime. Count me out of those who think it is. Count me out of those who think that gay relationship should be criminalized. Yes as Clinton pointed out, ‘Being a gay is not a Western invention, it is a human reality’. Count me out of those who think it is not. Count me out of those who cannot acknowledge this reality. Count me out of those who continue to spread and celebrate the propaganda and falsehood that gay rights are unAfrican.

Gay rights are fully African. Being a gay is an African reality.

So count me out this legislative process to make a law in Nigeria in this 21st century that is opposed to human rights, natural and social justice, and good conscience.

Yes count me out this move to make prejudice and oppression of sexual minorities a state policy.


Who cares about you

Mr. Leo, one advice: don't publish such an article after the bill has been passed.. it's 10years imprisonment bro.

You don't have to come to the public to tell us to count you out. Of course you are counted out if you are not in. Generations yet unborn will not have to bear the burden of the knowledge of same sex marriage. I never did when growing up. Nigeria is a country capable of making and keeping their laws. If that's what the country decides to do then so be it, we don't need some Leo Igwe from Germany to tell us how to govern Nigeria.

Leo seems not to realise that being a gay is psychological problem. If God created living things male and female for a purpose, why should we (human being)allows the so-called "human right" mentality affect God ordained principle.If legislations in most western countries prohibited siblings (male and female)marriage, why will they support (Gay)what is not religiously acceptable. Even, Animals naturally do the male -female principle in "relationship". Same sex marriage is never a culture of the western countries but because some of the powerful law-makers in these countries are Gay, hence they influenced policies that encouraged homosexuality. We dont have to encourage homosexuality in Nigeria. Even if there were to be a REFERENDUM across the globe on this, 98% will vote against homosexuality. Please somebody should wake-up Leo from psychological slumber.

The 'West' provides treatment for psychological addictions to concaine and marijuana even though they have medical applications yet they do not deem it fit to provide psychological treatment to a pervese desire for same sex intimacy.
If they can not give freedom to use of drugs and deem such as just the way they were created (to be high), why then cant they understand the simple logic of rejecting gay engagements. A mad man cannot identify himself, it takes a non mad man to do so. If the heterophobics are saying it is wrong, they should listen to them. And while they'r giving 'gay rights' they should also provide 'junkies rights'.

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