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Kano Hisbah Board nabs 20 for refusing to fast

Says they will be detained for three days to teach them how to fast

About 20 persons have been arrested by the Kano State Hisbah Board for refusing to fast during the ongoing Ramadan period.

Labahani Usman, the board's Acting Commander General, said they would be held in detention for three days to teach them how to fast.

Personnel of the Hisbah Board have been conducting raids in Kano aimed at arresting Muslims who intentionally refused to observe fasting since the month of Ramadan commenced almost 20 days ago.

Usman said that some of the offenders, who included women, had been arrested in various "hot spots" across the metropolis by the plain cloth personnel of the Hisbah command.


The religion that claimed to be loving & peaceful but does otherwise allover the world killing innocent people, creating political war in order to islamise others and yet not free from secet adultery, drunkenness & all form of wickedness, can it be of God?

This is tereble! It is just like the days of Jesus when the hypocrits that killed him acused his apostles of not fasting when other people are fasting. Yet after fasting you pick up arms and kill innocent citizens. God save Nigeria from the hands of this demonic agents

if they can arrest those that do not fast what about boko haram they should arrest them for killing during the ramadan

Something is behind this religion islam, the keep saying islam is peace but yet the are killing people, islam is full of adultery, fornication, Child molestation and abuse,beheading,etc...I just pray that the will see the light before Christ come back.

This is the difference between Christianity and islam---Christianity is God coming down in search of man whereas islam is man seeking for God but in the wrong way-by coercion.


Now war o! nigeria's things are always different . Why forcing them to fast when their body does not permit them to?

Has it come to this , all in the name of religion. Why must you do the work of God for him. Religion is a personal thing with one's God. It's like arresting somebody because he refused to pray. My dear Hisbah enforcers, dont always do things to the extreme. You are turning Nigeria into a laughing stock by some of the actions we take. Why arrest someone because the person refused to fast. Why must things of the muslims always be by force or coercion. This is terrible.

Shuo, see trouble o. Na by force?