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Ekweremadu regrets prostitution comments

Says he does not support the illegal conduct in any manner

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has said that he regrets the comments he made on legalising prostitution in Nigeria.

He expressed his regrets on Thursday, when the management and students of Baze University, Abuja visited him at the National Assembly Complex.

Two weeks ago, Ekweremadu allegedly advocated for the legalisation of prostitution, to enable the government regulate the activities of prostitutes, while arguing a motion on Human Trafficking.

His comments sparked widespread criticism across the country. He said his comments have been taken out of context, “culminating in various media reports that he was sponsoring a bill to legalise prostitution in the country”.

“I did not sponsor any bill on prostitution,” he said. “I condemn all forms of human trafficking, including prostitution. As a Knight of the Church, definitely, I must condemn any act that is immoral, including prostitution, for this is not the way to live.”

Ekweremadu said human trafficking and prostitution remained grievous crimes against humanity and debased those who indulged in them.

He however stressed the need to find effective means of tracking and monitoring the activities of prostitutes and their sponsors in the country, with a view to curbing the menace.

Ekweremadu, who advised the students to shun all acts of immorality and be wary of human traffickers who lure young women into their early graves, lamented that in the course of prostitution, people get kidnapped, murdered and suffer all kinds of humiliation.
Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of Baze University, Michael Hodd, told the Deputy Senate President that the University was in Nigeria to cut down the number of Nigerian youths who travel overseas to seek quality education.


ok ooo, misquoted or not i belong to the few who also think that prostitution should be legalised in Nigeria for the sake of regularising the trade and sanitazing the society of social ills associated with the proffession. To think we can do away with prostitution and eradicate it thoroughly is a matter of lying to our selves. its an age long proffession that has come to be part of humanity, the earlier we realise this the better for us and the more we begin to think with our brains not just answering yes to what pastors says the bible condenms.

Mr Ekweremadu should resign immediately for making such comment. He has again shown the level of incompetency and unqualified characteristics of him as an opportunist who is very dangerous for the seat he ocupies. People like Mr Ekweremadu are not to be seen nor associated in the comity of decent men

Let us not be primordial in our contributions on national issues and personalities.

Ekweremadu is not only a senator, he is also Deputy President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is not good enough to hide behind, "I was misquoted". The said contribution was made in public. There were witnesses.

If indeed the man was misquoted, or his remarks were distorted he should SUE the offending publications. Afterall he is a lawyer. He knows, or should know what to do. And the FOI law allows him to protect his name and reputation.

But Ekweremadu will not. He dares not.

He cannot because he is just one more of the tribe of conscripts into office in Nigeria.

Ekweremadu is like a majority of our politicians who are not sure of the support of their people on major issues.

Such people are lacking in conviction. It is thus easy for them to retract and take back what they have said.

They will not take responsibility, but prefer to blaming it on "I was misquoted", "enemies", etc, etc

The man should spare us this waffling and simply apologise to Nigerians. Or sue

The senator has said he was misquoted. But this is a convenient escape for politicians.

He should SUE if indeed he was misquoted, or his comments distorted. Let him call out the publication (s) and claim damages. He is a distinguished lawyer afterall. And is Deputy President of the Senate of the Federal Repulic of Nigeria!

But you see, he cannot. He dares not. He can only "shakara"

Because he, like his tribe of "politicians", lacks conviction. Majority of people in high office in Nigeria are conscripts and carpetbaggers, and are not in tune with their people.

The same people who "begged" them to contest for office and remain there!!

A man in his position should not hide behind, "I was misquoted".

Ekweremadu is not alone in this though. It is a peculiar illness of the Nigerian "politician"