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Dickson declares free education

The Bayelsa State governor also pledges to fight corruption

Henry Dickson, the newly inaugurated governor of Bayelsa State, has declared free and compulsory education in primary and secondary schools in the state. 

While being sworn in by the state Chief Judge, Kate Abiri, on Tuesday, the governor said he was resuming immediately to tackle the challenges confronting the state. 

In his inaugural address, Dickson also declared zero tolerance for insecurity and criminality and called for corporate responsibility among oil producing firms operating in the state.

He also promised to create employment and wealth for the people, adding that he would “always do what is right in your best interests” in due consultation with the people of the state. The governor stated that his administration would undertake fundamental reforms to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance while reaching out an olive branch to the opposition. 

Dickson said he would immediately begin to announce all the revenues accruing to the state stating that the days of wastage of public funds to the detriment of the people were over. 


Mr dickson.

After your election ,You need small rest .
Take a leave and travel to Doha Qatar .

Look at the city and know what you want for your people .

I have copied this your statement and kept in archive .



BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. Five STARS ***** to Mr Dickson for even thinking about free and compulsory education, the last governor had no clue and no vision only to smoke COCO. Hopefully our prayers are finally answered. Izion NUA O.

What a nice and good ambition from the governor but then let look at it from this angle, where on earth will he secure the funds or how is he going to generate funds to finance the free and compulsory so called education he’s planning at this crucial stage of that the nation economy is shaking and not balancing . Anyway may be another 2012 tricks is at the corner. Also how is he going to fence out the private education in the state by providing good , qualities, better standard of education that could compete with or better off the private education when and even government companies are reducing their staff , no job creation , yet he’s agitating for free education from primary to secondary school . Please don’t get me wrong , I’m just trying to get explanations or what . Can someone explain to me please because I just hope this guy is not coming to create ail and defraud the state later. I would advise us all to be very vigilant and more careful before another calamity hit the state.

He will make e-payment (biometric).
NO more Ghost worker .

He will stop bunkering and generate more revienue .

He will stop fictitious Contracts and chase away the girls from Government house .

He will utilise the state fund and make government officials accountable ,while sacking fraudstars in government and Official RATS in government .

He will put aways the rats in the the Government , you know rats steal what they dont even need

What about that