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Charly Boy brings python to Nigerian Idol auditions in Enugu

The organisers got more than they bargained for when the audition judge’s pet python jumped out of her box

The Enugu leg of the auditions for the second season of the Nigerian Idol reality show was drama-filled. According to eyewitnesses, trouble started when Charly Boy insisted on bringing his female pet python, "Abiku", to the judges' table.

This was not accepted by the organisers who tried to talk him out of his crazy idea to no avail. Fellow Judge, Jeffery Daniel also tried to wade into the matter by calming down Charly Boy down.

Alas, the snake's box suddenly popped open and the python charged at the cameras, probably sensing her master was in danger. The crew and those nearby took to their heels while Charly Boy tried to calm his pet.

Charly Boy pampered Abiku with a slow tender massage and words, which took about 10 minutes, after which she crawled quietly back into her box. Charly Boy then settled down at the judges’ table to carry out his duties as an Idol judge.

The organisers of the competition are yet to comment on the issue. However, we expect not only music, but fun-filled drama, action and surprises in this must-watch season II of the Nigerian Idol show.