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ABSU rape case dead?

Commissioner in charge of the case says nothing tangible has been achieved in terms of valuable evidence and lead

For weeks, the ABSU rape case which involved the gang rape of a female student of the Abia State University by 5 male students of the school has generated a lot of anger, dismay, and comments. Following the furore raised by Nigerian youths, lawyers and House of Representatives member, Honourable Abike Dabiri, the Police in Abia began investigations into the case.

However, barely 2 weeks after said investigations commenced, the police appear to have thrown in the towel.

In response to a petition addressed to the Inspector General of Police by Ms. Carole Ajie, a lawyer, the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the Abia State Police Command Criminal Investigation Department, Mr. J.G. Micloth, who claims to be heading the investigation, said that no tangible lead or evidence has been found. 

“Two arrests were made,” Micloth said in hisletter. “Nothing to pin them with and both are young boys aged 20.”

Describing the efforts the police force has made so far, he said:“we are searching for unknown victim and suspects,” and added, “investigation is not about magic but realistic evidence”.

Miclothsaid it was “no magic to look at legs of people in a video and identify them among 70 million males in Nigeria,” and threw the challenge back in the court of critics and the victim. He also appealed to all to turn in any clue at their disposal to assist the Abia State Police Command as they have spent sleepless nights combing Uturu and Okigwe without getting much.

Abdicating even more of the police responsibilities, Micloth said: “It must be observed that NGOs and critics have not been doing enough to encouraged (sic) the victim to come up. Without her, nothing much can be achieved legally and investigation wise.”

It should be recalled that the case has been riddled with a lack of co-operation from several relevant authorities in Abia State, and what can be termed ‘unusual reactions’ from the school authorities and the State Government with both of them initially denying the occurrence of any such incident and the Abia State Commissioner for Information, Don Ubani, declaring the reports of the rape as “mere ruse”.


i have seen the nigerian police fish out a grain of rice amongst the sands of the beach,but with the Abia state governor denying the incident took place in his state, we are all led to believe they are protecting the victims

This is wrong, identify the face of the victim since it was shown, go abroad and use high technology to do so, then use GSM registration to trace her details and address.