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‘Return home’, Igbo leaders tell Igbos in the north

Say the Boko Haram sect cannot continue to kill their kinsmen with impunity
Nigerians of the Igbo ethnic group leaving Kano following the mass bombings by the Boko Haram sect

At different meetings held in Enugu State over the weekend, Igbo leaders urged Igbos still living in the northern part of Nigeria to “come back home”. They based their decision on the incessant killing of their kinsmen by members of Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

One of the meetings was held in the residence of late Odumegwu Ojukwu and had the former President-General of Ohaneze-Ndigbo, Justice Eze Ozobu, and the leader of the Movement for Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Ralph Uwazurike, in attendance.

Another meeting was held between South East governors, politicians, and traditional rulers among other Igbo stakeholders. The Ohaneze Youth Wing also held a meeting, while the fourth was a South-East/South-South professionals meeting.

A statement signed by the chairman of the South East Governors Forum, Governor Peter Obi of Anambra, condemned the spate of killings going on in the country, and said that they (Igbos) were angry, especially as it affects Ndigbo.

“We have set up a committee to monitor the development as it unfolds and advice on future actions. We assure our people living in the North and other parts of the country that we are in constant touch with the various state governments to ensure the security of their lives and property,” he said.

However, on their part, the MASSOB and Ohaneze-Ndigbo leaders ordered all the wives and children of Ndigbo in the North to return home while their husbands stay back to take care of their investments.

According to Uwazurike and Ozobu, refugee centres have been created “all over Igboland to accommodate those without home”.

“The current situation in the North and the rampant killing of our Ndigbo, mothers and sisters in these areas, bring to mind a sequence of events and the pogrom that culminated in the tragedy of the Nigeria civil war. We are calling once again for emergency desks in the affected areas to be set up to access data regarding the nature of people who have lost their lives in the incidence,” they said.

“We are calling for immediate return of Igbo wives and children so that their safety can be assured here in the East. For the Igbo nation is once again facing an impending refugee crisis and our people are being forced to flee their homes and places of work and business to avoid death.”


Let them come home. That is how it started in 1967. The killings are becoming another thing. They are killing my people while they claimed it was not tagetted to them (Igbos). Are they trying to tell me that the population of Igbos in the North are more than the indigens. How can thay bomb up to 150 people 15 will be moslem. Let them come home b/c anything can happen now!

The signal is very clear that we seems to be one emerged society
divided in the mind of some people, who are now making it clear for
the world to know we are one country with two colonial divided powers
and as such we are not our brothers keeper.And if there is a religious
problems else where outside the country, then fellow Nigerians including
women and children are made the next scape goat.
These style of eliminating people is bad and I think some of the
governors should try and lunch in free buses to bring these women
and children back to their safest area.I mean all the 36 state governors
should comply to give this free help to Nigerians and non Nigerians in
the affected zone.Some governors may think I am inquisitive and if yes
what is their job and regards to humanity.

I cry for this GOD blessed country Nigeria. However, Nigeria must be kept ONE-despite divergences in many and many ideology. Let us just put in check our selfish and bigotry interests. Finally, For the Unstable groups let peace reign and please allowed our country be a place of full of opportunities for collective agreements for our youths. Learn from the ARAB youths presently in addition to the whole world youth speaking with one voice and using their senses properly to maintain their individual country as MAP and be free in movement, expression and production, who don't now believe in instruction from individual derail preacher or LEADER...Ignorance is an evil weed, which religious or ethnic dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens. I think we should put our thinking cap right!!! and all put hands on deck to cooperate with the Presidency ...